General Facts About Flying Quadcopters


  • Camera-carrying quadcopters are becoming the most popular gadgets pros use to take professional looking footages
  • There are different ways to maneuver quadcopters
  • The learning curve

Camera-carrying quadcopters are taking charge of the skies as primary gadgets to take professional-looking photos and videos without the risk of having to mount DSLR cameras. Quadcopters are easy to set-up, maneuver to desired locations, and stable for video.


But the million dollar question really, is how to use quadcopter? The process of maneuvering and using quadcopters generally differ according to the brand and model. But generally, the time it takes to set up and take off usually takes a lot of minutes.

Usually, quadcopters can be controlled and maneuvered through remote controls and/or mobile phones. The how to use quadcopter query can be answered in many ways. Sometimes, it takes a few minutes to set-up and take-off, with both the remote control and mobile phone needed to complete the entire process.

When perplexed on how to use quadcopter, remember four things: set-up, take-off, destination/route, and return home. These are the basic processes when using the quadcopter, and quite frankly, if you use it right, these should be the only processes that you undergo when flying a quadcopter.

When using a quadcopter, remember that the set-up and take-off processes are the most crucial processes. It usually depends on the right set-up and take-off that the security and stability of the entire flight depends on.

If the set-up and take off process are not performed well, a flight mishap might occur, or the device in itself might not be able to perform to its maximum capability. Overall, it might take time to fully master quadcopters because generally, learning takes trial and error, but if you follow instructions, and safely explore what device can, you should be able to fly the quadcoper like a pro in no time.


That Aerial Perspective with Cameradojo


  • Getting that necessary perspective/angle with the use of a UAV camera
  • Cool, stylized drones available at Cameradojo
  • An online site that offers reviews of UAV cameras

Photography, they say, is just a matter of perspective. No matter how knowledgeable you are of the color scheme, texture, and even the choice of subject matter if you don’t know how to angle it, meaning, there’s no perspective at all with your photography, your presentation will still fall short.

That is what Cameradojo has perfected over the years with the introduction of their unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). UAVs are mini helicopters that can carry cameras with it for a more diversified aerial view of your photos. A UAV camera at Cameradojo, also known as drone, come in a variety of style and function.

Cameradojo is changing the way photographers present their images. If in the old days photographers are limited in terms of camera angles, today, however, a UAV camera at Cameradojo offers more than just one or two angles for your images.

But one of the good things about getting a UAV camera at Cameradojo is that you can check out some of the reviews of these drones, including their prices. Cameradojo makes it a point to show you the details before buying this particular UAV camera at Cameradojo.

On this site, though, you get to see some of their top picks such as DJI Phantom Advanced and Parrot Bebop 2. Aside from their unique features such as its 25 min. flight time, a UAV camera at Cameradojo also looked good since it has a stylized form like a mini chopper from a distance.

So there’s enough perspective with a UAV camera at Cameradojo. Not that you can show off with these drones, though, but that it is necessary that you can have them for you to present so angles with your photography.


Weddings, Presets and Photos via Sleeklens

  • Cool and creative presets for your wedding pics by Sleeklens
  • A photography online shop that covers all your editing needs
  • Enhancing your wedding pics with your own individual style through Sleeklens’ collection of presets

Concerns about enhancing your wedding pics, why not use Sleeklens’ collection of wedding presets? Sleeklens is not your ordinary photography shop. Aside from offering presets for the enhancement of your wedding photos, it also offers tutorials for you to become a photographer or designer.

wedding1This might come as a surprise, but more and more photographers are using these presets for wedding by Sleeklens because this is the only photography store that covers all your wedding photography needs.

Check out their long list of presets for your wedding pics online, and get that appropriate preset right now. Experiment with it, enhance it the way you wanted it to be, and even save it to its customized storing system.

These presets for wedding by Sleeklens are the tools you need for you to showcase that wedding moment you have online. Don’t post your wedding pics on the web without it.

Sleeklens is the place to be online if you have concerns about your wedding photos, especially if you want to post or present them on your social media page or website. The diversity of presets that Sleeklens have allows you to make designs and effects that reflect your personality, something that is not possible with other photo-enhancing apps.

So start scouring for that preset for wedding by Sleeklens right now, aside from preparing other matters for your wedding days. It pays to be prepared as soon as you have taken your wedding photos.

You need not worry from now on where to find the right photography tools for your wedding pics, these presets for wedding by Sleeklens will cover it for you.


Top Presets to Consider from Lightroom

  • Cool, creative presets to choose from for the enhancement of your photos
  • Presets that can turn your autumn pics into springtime
  • Editing photos the easy way with Lightroom presets

Photography has come a long way from its humble beginnings. From its simple black and white images, photography nowadays is now bigger and technologically sophisticated compared to its older counterparts. And since the arrival of Lightroom, photography has gone on to new heights.

Lightroom introduces presets for the improvement of your photos. And you can get these presets free online. In fact, some of the top Lightroom presets you can get on the web enhances your photos like those works produced by seasoned photographers and designers.


Let us take a quick look, though, at some of these top Lightroom presets around, and see for ourselves their value why they have been considered the ultimate photo enhancing solution.

  • Fall to Spring – This is by far one of the top Lightroom presets you can have online free. It is quite popular since most people crave the spring as soon as it hit autumn, and what better way to feel the warmth of spring by turning your fall scenes into springtime.
  • Green Boost – Landscape and still life photographers dig this preset the most because it accentuates the element of green on your photo image, making it fresher and alluring at the same time.
  • Polaroid 690 – One of the top Lightroom presets for designers because it has that authentic, worn out look, which is perfect for bringing characterization to your photo helmet cameras image.
  • Sundown Preset – If you’re an artist and has a thing for sunset-inspired effect on your photo, then this is the preset for you. It is considered one of the top Lightroom presets around because its effect is artistic and one that perks up the imagination of your viewer.

It pays to have these top Lightroom presets with you because it improves the quality of your photos and enhances your image online. You wouldn’t be able to do that with other photo enhancing tools. It is with Lightroom that you get the most out of your pictures.


Making a Difference with Photoshop Actions

  • The best black and white photos courtesy of Photoshop actions
  • Free Photoshop actions online you can download
  • Editing photos the way photographers do through Photoshop actions

You might think that black and white photos do not generate some liking online compared to those colored ones. Well, think again. More and more photographers lately are in to black and white photos because it has character, depth and contrasting features.


That’s where Photoshop thrives in. The best free Photoshop around includes actions that are in black and white mode. And you might think that this is an aberration, it isn’t. Many designers and photographers alike dig black and white photography as one of their main features when presenting their photos.

If you’re trying to look for that best free Photoshop online, you would notice that there’s a list of actions that highlights black and white, even more than those colored ones. And besides, it is quite elegant to enhance your photos in black and white because it looks so classy, and the impact is one of durability and sturdiness.

And you can have this effect only with Photoshop. You black and white photo is entirely different from those produced with ordinary photo apps, the best free Photoshop action you can get with your photograph makes your photo posting worth your while because, in effect, your viewers will be asking for more.

Don’t waste time now and get that appropriate Photoshop action for your portraits and landscape shots. Make them more classy, sturdy and with character with these best free Photoshop you can get online.

Make your black and white photos different in a good way compared to other B & W pics through these free Photoshop actions. Make it a habit to use the best free Photoshop actions every time you edit your photos for social media or website use. That way, you’re placing yourself above those that are using black and white photos as their entry pass to the world of photography.


The Many Great Effects of Lightroom Presets  

  • Presets with that vintage look only with Lightroom presets
  • Easy to install Lightroom presets on your Mac or PC
  • Fashion presets perfect for highlighting certain features of your model or subject

No need for you to seek the help of a photographer when you edit your photos. All you need to do really is to install Lightroom presets and your photo editing concerns are long gone.

This is no exaggeration, but if you can install Lightroom presets on your PC, not only you save time editing your pictures, but you enhance them also the way top notch designers do with their pictures. As soon as you install them, you will find your photo posting online worth your time.

Lightroom offers the best possible solution for your photos. Chances are, if you see some visually stimulating photos posted on some website that is more or less the work of a Lightroom preset.

If you’re into vintage photography, then Lightroom has a variety of presets for you to achieve that vintage effect on your photo images. Creating that “old look” is a thing a beauty if you can experiment these presets on your photo.

If you’re into black and white, Lightroom has an answer for that. You can even turn your image into that pencil draw as if straight out of the canvass of a painter.

If you’re into fashion, all the more Lightroom will take care of it, highlighting the features of your model by tinkering on its saturation or luminosity so you can have that look appropriate for your model. Such is the advantage if you can install Lightroom presets on your gadget.

What are you waiting for? Install these Lightroom presets now and celebrate life by way of creating vivid memories through your photos. Now you have the tools to showcase your talent in photography, enhanced further with the use of these Lightroom presets.

This tool is your ticket into becoming a great, modern photographer. And all you need to do is to simply install Lightroom presets and Lightroom will take care of the rest.


On Becoming a Designer with Lightroom Presets

  • Trendy presets for designers from Lightroom
  • Free photo enhancing solutions online you can use for your photos, courtesy of Lightroom presets
  • Creating tons of effects using Lightroom presets

These Lightroom presets are not just mere tools for the enhancement of your photos; they are necessary solutions for the enhancement of your image as well, particularly online. If you are a designer, you always make sure that your models would look great online or at those magazine pages. So you scour the latest photo enhancing tools for your pictures with the idea that if your models would look great, you as their designer, would also look great in return.

LR1 (2)

So these Lightroom presets should have a big part of your routine as a designer. In fact, you don’t go out of your way without them because these presets are more of less your lifeblood. They enhance your photos in more ways than one, and that spells the difference as far as presenting your photos online.

Lightroom, moreover, is making it easy even for non-designers because you can actually get or download presets free on the web, with the same quality as those with price tags. So photo enhancing nowadays is so accessible that it is almost a sin not to enhance your photos as a designer without the aid of a Lightroom, for instance.

It would be wise for you as a designer to have these Lightroom presets under your wing, so you can soar above other designers and photographers for that matter.

Download these Lightroom presets now because they are compatible with either your Mac or PC, and that there are more than free presets for you to use on a daily basis, experimenting with its diversity, from vintage to infrared to fashion, a genre which is much closer to your designing venture.

These Lightroom presets are more than just your tools; they make your photos and your work as a designer easier and convenient. So if you’re planning to enhance your photos without any hassle whatsoever, try these Lightroom presets today and get that desired effect you’ve been conceiving with your photos for a long time.


Save Time with Save the Date Cards

  • The couple’s first step and task is to send out wedding and save-the-date invitation cards.
  • Weddings are one of the most memorable events in our lives.
  • How hard is it to make ‘save the date cards’?

In a traditional wedding preparation, the couple’s first step and tasks is to send out wedding and save-the-date invitation cards. We all know that creating save the date cards are not easy because you need to consider a lot of things; design, theme, color and etc. The goal of these STD cards is to persuade guests to be present at the special event. How hard is it to make ‘save the date cards’? Well, it’s about promoting your wedding to your friends, family, and relatives. You really need to put much effort into it like what you’re doing when you make resume templates.


Weddings are one of the most memorable events in our lives; families, relatives and friends are gathered to witness the union as a couple. Save the date cards are also used to inform the guests about the activities, programs, and other unique wedding happenings. So, it is really best for you to make the save the date cards as special as possible. If you don’t have time to make your own STD and wedding invitation cards, you can ask a wedding coordinator and a photographer to help you out since they can use save the date templates for photographers for you.

Sending out wedding invitations and save the date cards two to three months before the wedding is also suggested. Why? This will allow guests from abroad to ask for a leave from work, book a flight and attend to important stuffs ahead of time.

Giving out save the date cards as early as possible will not only help your guests, it will also help you make other important wedding plans such as the catering, venue, reception, dress codes and more.


4 Gigantic Advantages of Photoshop Actions

  • Most amateurs and professional photographers prefer using Actions for their images.
  • Do you want to know the benefits of Actions for Photoshop?
  • You don’t have to be an expert to use Photoshop Actions.

Most amateurs and professional photographers prefer using Actions for their images. Do you want to know why? Well, this article will give you the 4 gigantic benefits of Photoshop actions and why you should use them.


Beginners can Make Professional Results

You don’t have to be an expert or a pro to create Photoshop Actions. In addition, with enough skills and knowledge about the basics of Photoshop, you can create perfect actions like a pro. However, for amateurs, you might need the help of ready to use or downloadable actions to guide you on how to make actions appropriately (see them all via this link). Photoshop actions are created to help both amateurs and professional photographers simplify their editing workload.

Photoshop Actions Helps You Improve Your Creativity

Let’s say you don’t have any idea what actions and Photoshop are, yet you are very eager to learn how to use it to start your photography career; Photoshop actions are also great teachers. It helps you improve your creativity and skills in modifying images. Again, by downloading ready made actions, you can learn how to make your own customized actions and modify images in Photoshop.

Help You Save A Lot of Time and Effort

Basically, Actions for Photoshop are great time savers. It also saves you from doing repetitive tasks. This is one of the greatest benefits of Actions since you can apply it to hundreds or even thousands of images at once. In addition, you don’t have to create a new action because you can modify and add more effects to it anytime you want.

Provide Consistent Results

Another great benefit to look forward to is Photoshop Actions provide consistent results. So when you apply one action with tons of images, all of it will have an identical result.


Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

Beyond the topics usually associated with the presence of the youth in contemporary societies, we know that youth is not only a matter of time, but space. Despite the artificiality own youth, the presence of a certain sadness leads us to believe that the young man is near retirement. It is betting on a moment of joy and wisdom sometimes unconscious, despite other important qualities such as uncertainty or doubt. In the case of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) it is trying to present the latest work of three artists whose generational bonding leads them to also consider the importance of other issues related to utilitarian aspects of societies of this. In this direction, the presence of youth almost always has a strictly urban component. It is also important formal aspect because it is the fashion. Its existence seems to emerge as a kind of joyful living, when the reality is often more precarious. The fact is that a youth society is a fact that apparently translates instantly in consumption, violence and capitalism, almost always linked to an aesthetic of the modern. While youth success is related to the appreciation group, there is one more reason to bet from the teen-that is, one who is in adolecimiento- by a recovery of the young from their own budgets legacy approach of Romanticism, when the form being exposed in society corresponds to the state of the arts. Not surprisingly, the Sturm und Drang spoke of that very storm of impulsivity. Jugendstil, as modern movement was in the hands of a youth eager to change not only the internal aspect, but its outer shape. This appearance of youthfulness as a bearer of universal values ​​is also the history of society from the twentieth century, a succession of stat (i) years of youth. From the Roaring 20 until totalitarianisms, through the rockers, hippies, mods or punks, to the infinite variations and reinterpretations of Japanese teenagers. In this waiting, youth flies. And what we know today. If the temporary space before the young man was in the transition from school to work, we now know that a significant percentage of individuals outside both. Meet crucial aspects of capitalist society in relation to youth is the object of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), collective exhibition organized by Cristina Llanos and Santiago Piñol in the exhibition hall of the cultural association Midday Chica. The artists that make up this review of the youth from contemporary art are Ignacio Chavarri, Pedro Zamora López and Cristina Llanos. The abbreviation of the title of this exhibition refers to the fear and self-doubt these uncertain times, because knowing what is after youth is the origin of this exhibition project. In this first sample of a series of exhibitions and upcoming publications, we present the work of three artists whose nexus is not only the sharing of a generation. Based on a series of artistic proposals that contemplate the meaning of being young and its implications in today’s society, through drawing, painting installation and artistic action, FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) wants to also reflect on the influence of the spectacular in the society of our time. Ignacio Chavarri. Ignacio Chavarri intervention is caused by the presence of a seemingly innocuous as confetti material centerpiece of any major celebration. In Present Perfect makes a series of actions, sweeping and having a symbolic way this material, generating a turning point in the passage of youth. Actually, a marker pointing descent duchampian the transition to adult life, influenced by the overvaluation of the concept of youth as a factor in victory or success in today’s society. Pedro Lopez Zamora In the pictorial installation of Pedro Zamora López party to be felt. An irony in the form of rereading the picnic that, as a theatrical decor of this, offers a festive vision of youth. This would be the passage of preadolescent child’s world through a built and bounded for the development of infants diorama, allowing the consolidation of social boundaries that mark the rest of life. The idea is to continue building and inhabiting this diorama, without the need to educate or establish social boundaries write off the idea of ​​pure fun. Cristina Llanos In Broadcast yourself! (Divúlgate yourself!) Cristina Llanos presents a series of drawings that are based on photos stolen from Internet social networks. A reflection on the importance of a current cultural phenomenon that leads to become visible through the desire and pursuit of self. A practice that leads to autorretratarnos before the mirror making use of new technologies and mass media from three main issues: the cult of the spectacle of personality, the incipient creation of fictions of the real and the disappearance of the border between the public, the intimate and private.